Want a beautiful tile for your workplace interior? Yes, but how do you navigate with a bloated offer? Find our advice to help you make the right choice for Commercial Tiling in Melbourne.


The first factor that will guide your choice is the tiles’ aesthetic character. But beyond the visual aspect, it is essential to consider the use of the room or the place to which you intend your coating. Do you need Commercial Tiling in Melbourne for the exterior or the interior?

Is the commercial space you want to dress very busy and therefore prone to soiling? Is it a conference room or a reception area? So many questions that will help you make your choice. According to the use made of places, one will not choose the same material or for the same quality of tiling.

Thus, for much-frequented rooms such as the hallway or the entrance, one will prefer solid materials such as porcelain stoneware. It is very resistant to passages, scratches and shocks, or natural stone tiles.

Materials that are not only very strong but also resist humidity very well are therefore ideal for damp rooms. Treated, cement or terracotta tiles are also an attractive solution for this type of room.


Now that we have taken into account the notion of use let’s come back to this coating’s aesthetic character. Opting for a tiled coating for the interior of your office indeed offers multiple possibilities in terms of decoration. The choice of your tiles will revolve around several criteria. Materials, qualities, dimensions, colours etc. are indeed so many elements that will determine the choice that will be yours.

A tip: Choose neutral colours, which will adapt to any room in your office. During the renovation, your floor must perfectly integrate with the decoration already in place. Afterwards, rustic, classic, contemporary or natural, it’s a matter of taste! It’s up to you to determine your needs and desires, and your choice will be made quite naturally.


The question of maintenance will also be crucial in the choice of your tiles. If the criterion of aesthetics counts for a lot, this aspect must not be neglected. Tiles are generally relatively easy to maintain coating, but some materials are very resistant to stains and wear.

Thus, slate, porcelain stoneware, stretched stoneware or treated cement are to be preferred if one wishes to bother as little as possible with this kind of consideration. On the other hand, fragile materials such as white stone, very dirty, travertine or marble are avoided. And for minimum maintenance, prefer colours that are neither too light nor too dark.

The quality of tile can last for years, so it must be done correctly. Even so, more essential is hiring the right person to install them. It is an investment that will give you peace of mind for a long time, so make sure you make the best possible choice.

Final Words

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