Leaking Shower Repairs Melbourne

Leaking Shower Repairs Melbourne

Leaking Shower is a common problem in Melbourne. Thankfully we have skilled tradesman like AK Tiling Renovation who can fix your leaking showers. If you notice you have mold, damaged grouting, wet carpet, etc, then you most likely have a leaking shower. It is best to fix your leaking showers earlier rather than later. Leaking showers can damage your home and end up costing you a lot of money. Leaking showers can damage the structure of your building and it’s also not safe. Another problem with a leaking shower is the dampness can cause fungi to grow. The wet timber can also attract pest like termites which would be very costly to fix. Hire expert contractors for Leaking Shower Repairs in Melbourne.

There are many ways for us to fix your leaking shower depending on how bad the damage is. The most common method is to remove the existing grout from tiles and re-grout it. In addition, get Bathroom Tiling Melbourne from us. This solution will have your bathroom back in use in 24 hours. If your damage is very severe and there is damage to the walls and floors we may need to remove the shower recess. If we need to remove the shower recess we would also need to do waterproofing.

With our Bathroom Renovations Melbourne Northern Suburbs, we can fix leaking shower repairs in Melbourne in no time at all. Our Waterproofing Melbourne solutions will eliminate your entire shower leaking from reoccurring. We have been repairing shower leaking in Melbourne for over 20 years and we also offer 10-year warranty on our products.

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