Currently, there are hundreds of products on the market for laying floor and wall tiles. Almost all packaging shows how to get the best result. It is seldom marked what you must not do. AK Tiling & Renovations explains which mistakes are most common when laying commercial tiling in Melbourne.

Glue Tiles to a Fresh Screed

With a little talent, any handyman can glue tiles on a screed himself. In new construction, the tiles are often laid much too early so that they come off. Let the screed dry for at least four weeks. Please note: this rule applies to airtight and watertight closed spaces; open spaces must dry longer.

Not Finishing the Installation of the Tiles, For Lack Of Tiles.

An essential step before laying the Commercial Tiling in Melbourne on the ground, especially in case of patterns to be arranged, the “layout” consists of preparing a laying plan.

To calculate the number of tiles to buy, first choose the direction and the patterns of laying the tiles on the floor:

  • Straight lying is the simplest and most common. It is ideal for small surfaces and large format tiles.
  • Diagonal tiling enlarges the space, but it is more expensive because of the higher number of cuts it causes.

Take into account the joints’ size (5 mm minimum for 60×60 cm tiles) and add a 10% margin for breakage.

Make sure to buy tiles from the best Tiling Shops in Melbourne (chromatic shade indicated on the packaging) to limit colour differences. Mix the tiles from different packages to distribute the shades evenly.

Laying the Commercial Tiling in Melbourne on the ground “blank” (without glue) allows you to adjust the effects.

Sticking Tiles on Non-Degreased Tiles

Given that it is often not easy or always possible to break an existing floor, the tiles’ gluing is done more and more on existing support, without removing the old one. A common mistake is not to degrease (sufficiently) this existing floor.

For absorbent substrates such as cement slabs or natural stone, the floor must be properly degreased because it is maintained with soap. Also, the tile cannot be laid with ordinary tile adhesive. In this case, you should always use Flex glue.

It is also recommended to apply a pre-treatment product 24 hours before installation. Always check the stability of the stand. It is not possible to glue tiles to an uneven or loose substrate.

Poorly Maintaining Commercial Tiling in Melbourne

During installation, a veil of cement always remains attached to the surface of the tiles. Usually, we wipe it with a cloth, which in itself cannot harm.

To properly clean a tile after laying and repointing, you must always clean the first time with a product specially designed to remove this veil of cement. Leftover cement and grout attract dirt. Besides, the floor has a matte and dark appearance.

Be careful with soap and other products when maintaining your tiles. Ceramic tiles cannot be maintained with greasy products. They leave a greasy film on the tiles that it is impossible to remove with a cloth’s simple wipe.

Final Words

Rest assured, laying Commercial Tiling in Melbourne on the floor is not very complicated. This project requires having well-prepared support, carefully following the installation steps and avoiding a few mistakes that could ruin your entire project. This is why AK Tiling & Renovations lists the mistakes not to make to lay tiling on the floor successfully.