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Mosaics, shapes and colours in the right combination quickly turn the bathroom into the highlight of the apartment or house. Unfortunately, the right idea is often missing. The result is white bathroom tiles on the walls and floor. It doesn’t have to be! We show Creative Ideas of Bathroom Tiling in Melbourne that you can recreate yourself without any problems. Or let the ideas inspire you and implement your own, newly won tile ideas for your new bathroom.

In this post, we would like to present some design options of Tiling in Melbourne that you, too, can implement yourself with a little manual skill or a tiler commissioned by you. Because bathroom floors and the walls in the bathroom do not have to look subtle, but can undoubtedly enliven the room. The right tile selection helps.

  1. Combination of Different Colored Floor Tiles

The whole bathroom looks much more relaxed when the floor is covered with different coloured tiles. These can be both square and triangular tiles, which, of course, should harmonize with the walls and interior. The triangular tiles are reminiscent of a tile-laying game from childhood.

Square or rectangular floor tiles can also be combined in different colours. If you like it a bit flashy, you might decide on the colours of a test screen, while others derive your ideas of Tiling in Melbourne from a pixel image. It is also possible to tile the bathroom floor in one colour (not white or black) and to incorporate different tile colours into the bathroom wall.

  1. Hand-Glazed Floor Tiles

A few companies specialize in the manufacture of hand-glazed floor tiles. These tiles are made of lava stone and can not only be laid on the floor but also used to decorate bathroom furniture.

You can design your bathroom floor individually if you opt for a picture mosaic. Mosaic artists mostly design these. But if you are skilled in the craft and want to realize your own motifs, you should dare this step for Tiling in Melbourne. Laying the mosaic will, of course – depending on the size of the room – take significantly more time than is the case with conventional floor tiles.

  1. Insert Graphics Patterns

Floor tiles that give the impression of cubes are to be regarded as almost classic. To achieve such an image, three different shades of colour must be used, which of course should match in colour. These tiles are laid in a diamond pattern.

  1. Patterned Cement Tiles

You can create particularly large-scale patterns with cement Tiling in Melbourne. These are already known from the 19th century and are enjoying great popularity again today. For example, it is up to you whether you opt for antique patterns or a very modern design. You can also create fascinating patterns with hexagonal tiles made of cement.

Colourful Floor and Wall Tiles

Colourful floor tiles loosen up the entire room. It makes sense if their colour tones can also be found elsewhere in the bathroom, be it the handles of the bathroom cabinets, the fittings or the bathroom door. Perhaps you would also like to give your bathroom a modern look and opt for playful floor tiles that also have red and blue tones and an interesting pattern.

Final Words

Of course, there are many other interesting bathroom floor design options. Perhaps with our suggestions, we gave you an idea that you now want to put into practice? Then you might find the right floor Tiling in Melbourne at AK Tiling, but also the tile adhesive, grout and other materials required for laying.