Smart bathrooms are a dream, yet this dream can come true if you decide to embark on a renovation project. Goodbye to the conformist bathroom that looks like any other. Now you want a practical, modern and comfortable bathroom. It would be interesting to ask yourself a few questions, especially when it comes to Bathroom Renovations Budget because renovating a bathroom is expensive.

1. The Nature of the Renovation Work on the Bathroom

The nature of the work planned for your bathroom will inevitably influence the cost of the renovation. Indeed, changing the floor covering or adding storage is not comparable to redoing all the plumbing or replacing a shower with a bathtub. Some jobs cost more because of their complexity and the expertise required to carry them out.

Also, be realistic when starting a bathroom remodelling project; your Bathroom Renovations Budget may not be enough to cover all the work you plan to do, hence the importance of planning your project in great detail.

2. The Scope of the Work

The number of items to renovate will also significantly affect the cost of your Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne. If you want to transform your bath shower into a bathtub and even if this type of project will be more expensive, it could cost you less than changing the ceramic, the countertop and the flooring at the same time.

It is advisable to focus on one or two more expensive jobs, rather than investing your time and money in several small jobs. This would cost you more and come out less once the work is done.

3. The Size of Your Bathroom

Do you have a spacious bathroom? Are you a young couple or a family of 5? These aspects should be considered because the more extensive the surface to be renovated, the more it will cost you. For example, if you are a large family, you will need more storage for towels, you may want to invest in a double sink to make your family more comfortable. All this should be taken into account when calculating your Bathroom Renovations Budget.

4. Labour Costs to Redo Your Bathroom

The cost of labour is also an essential factor that will vary the price of your renovation. For laying the floor or installing a new shower, count several workers to pay by the hour. Besides, a contractor is often needed to coordinate the work. An electrician or a plumber’s expertise may also be, depending on the nature of the work to be carried out.

It is imperative to have a clear idea of ​​the results you want to obtain when you ask for a quote. You could also decide to do some work yourself or with a few friends if you have some renovation skills.

5. The Influence of the Choice of Building Materials for a Bathroom

The choice of materials is certainly one of the factors that most influence the price. Whether it’s the floor covering, the sink, the tub or even the closet doors, some materials cost more than others. For example, laying marble instead of ceramic as the floor covering, or choosing a cast iron bath instead of acrylic will cost much more.

Plus, not all marble and cast iron tubs are created equal. Also, educate yourself on the price of materials and shop around when you’ve chosen the right one for you. Your Bathroom Renovations Budget will only be more realistic.


Final Words

AK Tiling & Renovations can help you in your efforts to obtain quotes for a bathroom renovation project. By telling us about your bathroom remodelling project, we will guide you free of charge.