The bathroom is a room that must be perfectly airtight due to its high humidity. The lack of Waterproofing in Melbourne can cause severe damage to the house. Therefore, the importance of this stage in the renovation or its development work should not be minimized. The walls and the floor, which are very exposed to water splashes, must be impeccably waterproof. Replacing bathroom tiles with powder room tiles doesn’t have to be done in a hurry. Follow the tips of our experts to make your bathroom waterproof to perfection.

Waterproof the Walls and the Floor

The Right Coating for Waterproofing in Melbourne

There are many wall and floor coverings that are just as pretty as the next. However, some are less resistant to water and heat and are less waterproof. The bathroom tiling is the most popular. By installing a water protection system under the tiling and ensuring the work by a professional, you ensure the walls or floor’s durability. The tiles can be laid on the floor and the wall. If you prefer painting, look for special wet room paint, more resistant and waterproof. However, you can choose it only for wall surfaces. Very fashionable, waxed concrete and plaster can be considered.

Nevertheless, the pose or the sloppy preparation, the coating will not be waterproof and durable. Wood is to be banned in bathrooms; it has very little water resistance. If you still want to install it, check with professionals for Bathroom Waterproofing in Melbourne.

Products and Materials

Before laying any covering, it is vital to prepare and install the products to make the bathroom waterproof. To ensure a good seal, sealing mats and bands exist. These are placed on walls and connections as well as corners. To prevent water infiltration, do not hesitate to fill cracks and small holes with water-repellent materials (putty, waterproof materials, mortar). You can also use rubber paint. This must be placed on a well-cleaned surface, so do not neglect the preparation. Only for wall surfaces, water-repellent sheets are a popular technical solution. These plates are perfect for bathroom waterproofing in Melbourne under tiles.

The Shower

A shower must be waterproof to prevent water infiltration and leaks. Several solutions are available to you. First the membranes or mats for a tiled shower. These protect the shower effectively. Do not forget to cut the mat to arrange the siphon. Another mode called SEL is an inexpensive liquid membrane which is laid carefully. Pay attention to the tile adhesive you choose to ensure a good seal under the SEL tile. A star in bathrooms, the tiled shower tray is the perfect solution for a watertight and modern shower. Made of hard extruded polystyrene foam, the tile tray is available in several sizes. Despite its high price, it is a convenient solution. Just like the wall!



Furniture in any room is essential. They facilitate storage and bring a designer side to the room. However, the furniture must be easy to maintain and entirely waterproof. The most popular advice is not to choose wood. However, today many pieces of furniture are treated against humidity to make them waterproof.

Final Words

Sealing is, therefore, essential. Before thinking about decoration and maintenance, we must not neglect the waterproofing work. There are many solutions available to you to make a bathroom waterproofing in Melbourne. Small DIY or structural work, it all depends on the renovation work that awaits you.