Sealed damp basement wall can have various causes: “Just” condensation or ailing masonry? As soon as you discover leakage in your basement, you should act immediately and get to the bottom of the cause. Here, waterproofing in Melbourne plays a crucial role.

A damp basement not only poses a serious risk to your furniture and technical equipment; it can also affect your health. After all, damp masonry is the ideal breeding ground for mould in the basement. Also, permanent moisture damages the building fabric. Therefore countermeasures should be initiated as soon as possible. Of course, these always depend on the cause of the moisture in the basement.

Water Damage in the Cellar Due To a Broken Pipe

Moisture can also build up in the basement if there is water damage in the basement. This occurs when one of the pipes lay in or around the basement breaks. These are usually accidental or average damage, which you can prevent to a limited extent. However, if there is significant damage due to a broken pipe, a complete basement renovation is usually the best option.

A precautionary basement Waterproofing in Melbourne from the outside can limit the damage and ensure no water penetrates through the basement walls. On the other side, the amount of moisture is kept within limits; use renovation plaster to remove moisture from the wall.

Moisture Penetrating From the Side and What You Can Do About It

The outer walls of the basement are usually directly connected to the adjacent soil. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions, it contains a certain amount of water. Under certain circumstances, the water from the ground can penetrate laterally through the cellar walls into the cellar.

If this is the cause of the moisture penetrating the basement from the side and defective drainage, then, professional waterproofing in Melbourne must be carried out. Both an outer seal and an inner seal can be helpful in this case.

However, not every waterproofing method can withstand pressing water. For this reason, it is always a good idea to seek advice from qualified Waterproofing Contractors in Melbourne.

Hygroscopic Humidity

Hygroscopy is the property of a substance to bind water from the environment and to absorb it. The basement wall’s particular case describes the problem that some building materials bind the humidity in a room and thus soak it.

Unfortunately, proper ventilation cannot solve this problem as the walls themselves can bind small amounts of moisture from the air. For this reason, it is advisable in these cases to apply a modern renovation plaster. However, you must take some preparatory measures to stop the water supply to the basement wall. To do this, seal the entire wall carefully with a suitable material for basement waterproofing in Melbourne before applying restoration plaster.

Find A Professional In Your Area.

As different as the causes of a damp cellar are, so are the solutions. While moisture condensation is a harmless problem, sealing against moisture from the outside is a more serious one. A specialized professional for waterproofing in Melbourne can determine this at a free consultation and make you a cost estimate.

Final Words

Is your basement damp, and do you need expert help to locate the cause? We at AK Tiling & Renovations are happy to provide you with advice and assistance.