Functional room par excellence, today’s bathroom does not skimp on comfort. With modular furniture and smart layouts, technology is also interfering, slowly but surely, to make our daily lives more pleasant. The water feature dares, like the kitchen, to use bolder colours, far from classic blue. Whether small or large, as an extension of the bedroom or separate, the water feature is gradually rising to the rank of real living space with a refined aesthetic.

The Layout of the Bathroom

The bathroom layout for Bathroom Renovations in Budget does not operate a significant revolution, the experts’ guides plan as per the needs. The walk-in shower is always popular.


Choice of Hues

While matte black and white still have their place in the bathroom, the trend is for more bright colours. The water feature is gradually abandoning blue in favour of green, declined in the solid flat – on a niche, a section of wall, on a piece of furniture – or on the coverings, green marble effect. The shades are powdery, ranging from beige or terracotta to pink, to create a truly warm and enveloping atmosphere in the bathroom.


A Touch of Marble for Bathroom Renovations in Budget

Transform your bathroom into a majestic setting! With the charming material that is a marble. Invited by strategic touches, it infuses an elegant atmosphere into the room. Combined with wood and soft colours, marble loses its massive, cold appearance and is much warmer. So let yourself be tempted by this material which is making a comeback on the design scene.


Play with Patterns Smartly

In addition to the colour, the bathroom dares the patterns, even if the question always arises whether we will not get bored. To moderate the effect, favour the addition of patterns by touches. Thus, the water feature is distinguished by a “chevron or vertical layout, more original than the classic horizontal tiling”.


Stock up on light in a narrow bathroom

Lighting makes bathroom space look allure. This is all the more true in long bathrooms, especially if they do not have windows! To illuminate the space and limit the feeling of narrowness during Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne, do not skimp on wall lights, suspensions, and spots of all kinds.

Multiply the light sources and types of fixtures to increase your chances of getting a visually larger bathroom. And to give the illusion of a larger room, why not place them on either side of the space?


Final Words

Designing a practical bathroom without wasting precious square meters is not easy. Between the technical constraints and the sometimes quirky housing architecture, there are many challenges to be taken up—the same observation when the surface is limited.