Choosing correctly between the different types of Commercial Tiling in Melbourne for commercial spaces is decisive when creating places where customers feel comfortable and safe.

We must not lose sight of the fact that these spaces offer a quantity of information that configures the first impression and conditions the perceptual experience of the potential client.

If you want to communicate the attributes of your firm or business, without having to choose between aesthetics and functionality, discover the types of floors that exist below.

Five Types of Flooring for Commercial Spaces

1. Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors, made of PVC, can be purchased in planks, tiles or rolls, and installed with a click system or self-supporting, such as Creation 70 vinyl flooring. The advantage of freestanding, such as Creation Looselay, is that it allows removing the material once installed without leaving residue and being able to install it in any other space. This is useful because it means that you can amortize the material if you decide to change the location of the space, such as in pop-up stores.

2. Continuous Tiling in Melbourne

Made of concrete, cement, resins, etc., these floors are characterized by offering excellent resistance to use and weathering. However, they are cold, are hard to tread and have a higher risk of cracks; hence it is recommended to go for inspections every five years and some periodic maintenance.


3. Parquet

Natural wood adapts well to changes in temperature and is also warm in winter and cool in summer. On the contrary, they require maintenance and conservation.

4. Stoneware

Made with ceramic paste; you can choose between traditional stoneware and porcelain. The stoneware Tiling in Melbourne is very resistant, and the options in finishes and designs are endless, it is also easy to clean.

However, its installation is more complicated, which tends to increase the final price, the risk of breakage is greater, and certain products should be avoided for cleaning.

5. Natural Stones

As with stoneware floors, natural stone floors prioritize aesthetics over functionality. They are usually made of marbles, sandstone, slate and granite, that is to say, they are challenging, cold and not very uniform floors, but with a great variety of finishes.

Now that you know the types of Commercial Tiling in Melbourne for commercial spaces that exist, you will have been able to see the importance of some aspects such as maintenance, durability, elasticity or warmth.


AK Tiling & Renovations at the Forefront of Flooring for Commercial Spaces

In this sense, AK Tiling & Renovations has spent decades researching, designing and manufacturing sustainable, durable, resistant and innovative floors. We have innovative installation systems that allow a quick and clean renovation of the pavement, without the need to stop the commercial activity. At the same time, we offer all kinds of materials, respectful with the environment and health of both customers and employees.