Even if you bought the most expensive and high-quality tiles you could not do without the hands of an experienced master. How not to be mistaken when choosing a master tiler in Melbourne? Are you familiar with the situation: at the first meeting, the master promised you beautiful external angles at 45 degrees, and now he says that he cannot do it and suggests using the corners? Or the tiler assures you that porcelain stoneware cannot be laid on the walls and advises to replace it with ceramic tiles. If you are planning a renovation, read this post to the end to avoid unpleasant moments. Knowing how to choose the right Floor Tiler in Melbourne is very important!


First of all, we recommend looking at the work of the master. This could be a website, an Instagram portfolio, or another social network.

Moreover, it is the details that are important here, and not just general plans of the finished interiors. In such photographs, the nuances are not visible: the design of the outer corners (the popular today was washed down below 45), the quality of the tile cutting, the joining with adjoining surfaces, etc.

If possible, it would be ideal for taking a trip to the current object of the tiler and appreciating the work of the master live. As you know, the right tilers are in demand, which means they always have objects at work.

Be sure to pay attention to what tool the master uses and what material the master is working with. Today, some companies show video testimonials from “satisfied” customers to build credibility.

It’s up to you to decide, but remember that the details are important (they were mentioned above) and the work’s real quality. You can tell anything you want.


You can use reference buildings to evaluate the work of a Tiler in Melbourne. At least if you can also talk to the residents. Showhouses are an excellent way to get a first impression of possible floor plans or available building materials and equipment features.


Even if you can rarely visit reference buildings inhabited, clients can ask others about their experience. For example, many builders keep a construction diary and publish it as a blog on the Internet. Also in forums, customers of Floor Tiler in Melbourne sometimes share their experiences.

Range of Services

The more openly a Tiler in Melbourne describes the services offered, the better a customer can get an idea. The planning discussions must be discussed which services the floor tiler will take on – and which will not. So what the builder takes care of himself and what he has to pay extra for. The scope of services must be clearly defined in the contract at the latest.

Final Words

Now you know how to choose the tiler in Melbourne who will make your interior unforgettable.