Whoever has done renovations knows that the most expensive premises to bring to life are bathrooms and toilets. Communications, tiles, plumbing and quality work – all this will take up a considerable part of your Bathroom Renovations Budget. AK Tiling & Renovations shares several life hacks from her practice as an interior designer that will save money on renovations.


If we are talking about repairs in a new building, you don’t have to buy a shower cabin. An alternative is to drain the floor, cover the walls with tiles, and install a glass door or curtain. It may be cheaper than a finished factory model. And last but not least, the shape of the shower tray will fit perfectly into the space of your bathroom. For small rooms, such a “homemade” shower enclosure can be a real panacea.


Ceramics Tile Finish

Borders and decors in tile collections are the most expensive items. To save money on Bathroom Renovations Budget, you can combine background tiles with mosaics. Background tiles from the budget segment and 1-2 meters of original mosaics will cost you less than the classic background plus decors combination. Also, such an original layout can turn the minuses of the room into pluses.


Refresh Surfaces in Fair Condition

Floor tiles are a very durable material that loses its attractiveness only due to the joints’ darkened untidy seams. It can be refreshed by removing the old composition and putting in a new one. The ceiling, already levelled once, does not need to be putty again, it is enough to remove the old layer of paint and apply a new one.


Use Budget Materials for Walls

PVC panels are the most budgetary and practical material for walls in the bathroom renovations in the budget. Choose panels with an additional degree of moisture resistance. They are not afraid of damp; they are easy to clean, so this solution is suitable for the bathroom and expensive tiles. Moreover, they are not so difficult to install; they are exceptionally durable and aesthetic.

Go for Combinations

In large bathrooms or toilets without “wet zones”, you can combine ceramic tiles and decorative coatings that are not afraid of water. The use of waterproof paint will eliminate the need to spend money on extra meters of tiles.


Refuse Stretch Ceilings

Instead, flatten the ceiling with putty and paint with moisture-resistant light latex paint. Secure the result with a primer on top.

If the ceiling is uneven or pipes run through it, you will have to resort to a plastic false ceiling. It will come out a little more expensive, but you can install it yourself, plus you don’t have to spend energy on preparing the ceiling surface.

Final Words

You finally decided to Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne, but be careful, before you get down to work, take into account these tips that will allow you to save on Bathroom Renovations Budget. It is essential not to go over the fixed budget, and for this, the ideal is to have clear ideas and know what you can save on and what elements are those that can determine that the work is carried out without surprises.