Are you building your home or planning to change or perfect the roof? At AK Tiling & Renovations, we want to show you the tiles’ options for the roof of your house. Get to know all the variety that exists and reform as you like with this material.

Types of Tile Options at Tiling Shops in Melbourne for the Roof of Your House

Whether you live in a building or house, roofs are essential elements for construction. These fulfil the primary function to protect the structure from weather phenomena such as rain, snow and the sun. They also allow creating functional spaces and contribute to the aesthetics of the construction, since the covers are always quite visible.

Different covers adapt to the types of roofs. These can be slanted or flat.

Pitched: Pitched roofs are generally used in areas where there is constant rainfall. These allow water or snow to not accumulate on the roof creating moisture problems. Each plane that forms it receives the name of the skirt or waters.

Flat: This type of roof is almost parallel to the ground. They have minimal incline. Flat roofs must be divided into sections. A gasket will allow the cover to withstand temperature variations better and guide the water towards specific drainage points between each piece.

Regardless of the type of roof that your house has, they must have a cover. This can be made of different materials. Some of the most popular are:

Roof Tiles

Shingles are one of the most popular alternatives for roof coverings. You can find it both in its classic form made of clay and inversions in other materials such as wood and concrete.

This type of roof requires little maintenance. It is easy to install and inexpensive. There are many tile options for the roof of your house that we will mention later.

Different Tile Options at Tiling Shops in Melbourne for the Roof of Your House

The roof, together with the walls, forms the essential structures of the houses. This is because they are what protects us from external agents. In the particular case of covers, they protect our families from the sun, rain and different weather conditions.

One of the most popular materials for covering roofs is tiles. This is due to its wide variety of options, each with its own advantages and aspects. Some of the models of these are:

Traditional Basic Tile

The traditional house tile is ceramic or clay. Its shape is curved and elongated and to place it, they must overlap each other, so it becomes a perfect puzzle.



Roman Tile

These tiles for house roofs are made of clay or ceramic. They are differentiated by their enamelled finish and a different shape from the previous one. It has a kind of fin that allows them to be placed in an orderly way so that the water runs.

Its cost is higher, but due to the shape, much less material is needed than if a traditional tile roof is covered. You can buy these tiles from the leading Tiling Company in Melbourne.


Concrete Tiles

Among the roof tiles models, these are ideal for cold and snowy climates, as they are more resistant to frost and winds. This is because they have greater weight and mechanical resistance; also, they absorb water better.

Furthermore, its price is lower than that of ceramic tiles. The average life of fifty years is calculated, as long as primary roof care is applied.

Depending on the client’s taste from the best Tiling Shops in Melbourne, they can be purchased in different colours.


Final Words

Have you already decided which of the tile options for the roof of your house you will choose? Remember to contact our team of roofing experts for better advice on materials and quality when carrying out construction or remodelling work.