Anyone who wants to build or convert their own property will also have to think about bathroom design. In particular, in bathrooms, trends change very quickly, so that tiles that were laid 10 or 15 years ago now look old. Also, tiles naturally represent a not inconsiderable cost factor, mainly if they are laid in several rooms.

What are the Advantages of the XXL Tiles?

The most quite large squares are much more challenging to lie than smaller models. XXL tiles are therefore the counterpart to mosaic tiles. XXL tiles can be used for both the floor and walls. Anyone who opts for a neutral colour scheme from the best Tiling Shops in Melbourne can deviate slightly from the standard white, will not have seen enough even after years.

Will XXL Tiles Become Standard In The Bathroom?

This question is not that easy to answer. The tiles are currently very much in vogue. Because there are fewer joints, the bathroom may be easier to clean, depending on the tile’s surface.

If you don’t want to go with the latest trends, you should opt for the XXL tiles’ neutral colours. These include simple colours such as black, dark blue, grey or even white, known in many places. But these tiles are also available in a wood look, for example in the Tiling Shops in Melbourne. You can also choose from a large number of other tiles, but you can also order the material required for Tiling in Melbourne.

The Time Style of the XXL Tiles

What should be considered when laying large format tiles, and why are these tiles becoming increasingly popular?

The XXL tiles take the client’s houses by storm, but the large-format tiles are also trendy in commercial buildings. Manufacturing is becoming ever more comfortable for the industry, and the manufacturing process is becoming ever faster. The private client appreciates the uniform transition between wall and floor tiles in XXL format. A wall in the bathroom as if cast in one piece. This means that it is possible to attach just three tiles to the wall in a U-shaped shower.

Why Are Large Format Tiles So Popular?

The XXL-Tile advantage is primarily due to the few joints that exist; the example from the previous paragraph illustrates this. Only one joint is left on the wall in a shower unless you are laying a 3-meter tile. On the other hand, tiles in the usual format have innumerable joints – this bothers the builders and makes XXL tiles increasingly popular. Furthermore, large-format tiles with rectified edges are produced, which enables the laying of very narrow joints. Rectified edges mean that the edges of the tiles are sanded after they have been made. The visual image that arises when the joint colour is chosen in the same tone as the tiles is calm, uniform and balanced.

Final Words

If you have any questions about the XXL tiles, get in touch with our online Tiling Shops in Melbourne. Our AK Tiling & Renovations team is always there for you.