The floor is one of the most critical finishes of a project because being realistic; you are choosing it with the idea of ​​not changing it again for a long time, due to all the complications that this can mean in the future.

It is for this reason that your selection is essential. You must choose quality products and meet the technical requirements of the project for colour, finish, and aesthetics because it will be the floor that provides that base canvas for whatever you want to convey in each space than with its decoration.

In this blog, we want to talk about the importance of a Tiling Company’s professional installation in Melbourne. It plays a key role so that porcelain tile meets all expectations. It has a long useful life without problems.

That is why to install a ceramic or porcelain floor we give you the following advice from an expert working with the leading Tiling Shops in Melbourne.


Review of the material is mandatory if it is porcelain or ceramic. Check that their boxes indicate that all the material is the same gauge, shade, grade, or quality. Make sure the floor you bought has the same parameters so that there are no variations in it that affect the installation and final result.


The surface on which the product is to be installed plays a vital role in ensuring that the installation is successful. For this reason, the following aspects should be carefully reviewed:

  • Checking the level and flatness of the ground.

The surface on which the product is to be installed must be level, flat, without sagging or cracks; they may affect the placement of the parts or cause them to break in the future.

  • Checking of lead and square on walls.

When the walls are not adequately plumb or out of square, they can go “unnoticed” during the grey work construction and can be easily seen when the installation of the floor begins. It is common to think that the installer is doing his job poorly and is pasting the “crooked” product, but in reality, it is the crooked wall. It is vital to catch these errors and correct them before installing the flooring.


You should sweep and thoroughly clean the space (if necessary) to eliminate any contaminating residue and that the surface is immaculate so that the glue material adheres without problems and then not has future problems that the product remains “loose”.


Before starting with the installation, a demonstration of the floor on the surface should be done by the Tiling Company in Melbourne to define the appropriate placement and confirm the person’s approval in charge of the project.


Finally, once the surface is ready and the floor placement defined, the installer can start with the installation for which the appropriate mortar and set must be used and use the appropriate tools for the proper installation of the floor.

The installer from Tiling Company in Melbourne must always place glue material on the piece and the floor, making sure to cover 100% of the piece as all edges and corners must be well supported.

Final Words

We hope these tips serve as a guide for installing porcelain or ceramic flooring in your next project. We invite you to visit our Tiling Company in Melbourne so that you can learn about a wide variety of floors.