We usually do not think about waterproofing until our home begins to suffer from leaks. And, it is when we decide to choose a material that helps cover and protect the roof or wall. But do you know what type of Waterproofing in Melbourne is ideal for each need?

The slope of the roofs, the material type, and even the amount of foot traffic, all influence the type of waterproofing.

The Types of Waterproofing In Melbourne

These vary depending on the type of construction, and the key is to choose a product that adapts to each surface’s characteristics.

Acrylic Waterproofing for Smooth Surfaces

If your balcony, is smooth or flat or with very little unevenness (less than 2%) and if foot traffic is sporadic, you can choose an acrylic waterproofing. It is an elastomeric acrylic waterproofing system with high performance, ready to use, easy to apply. This type of waterproofing provides excellent adherence, elasticity and durability characteristics, forming a top quality waterproof surface. It also serves as a protection element for thermal insulators such as polyurethane foam.

Fibre Waterproofing

Fibreglass waterproofing can protect all types of roofs and roofs from water seepage for 3 to 5 years. Unlike water-based ones, their consistency is fibrous, which helps to have excellent resistance. Thanks to this feature, you can also save the reinforcing mesh that is sometimes necessary to waterproof.

This type of waterproofing in Melbourne has the particularity of being light blue in the bucket and changing to white once it has been applied and dried. In this way, sight is protected, since the blue colour does not hurt the sight, as white can do when reflecting light.

Elastomeric Waterproofing

With these products of maximum duration, you can protect your home for 7 and 10 years. It does not need a protective mesh to be applied. Thanks to its extreme elasticity, it remains intact even when there are structural movements or temperature changes.

Its 10-year presentation protects silos, covering small cracks and preventing moisture from entering the interior.

These types of waterproofing are quick-drying and easy to apply, basic and fundamental characteristics of quality products.

Nanotechnological Waterproofing

This new type of Waterproofing in Melbourne has come to stay. They are products made with a formulation acts on an atomic scale. They come stomping and guarantee the water tightness of the surface on which they are applied. Nanotechnological Waterproofing maintains breathability for ten years with a guarantee.

What Type Of Waterproofing Is Better?

To know which waterproofing is better, or which one is best for you, you should think about the needs you have to protect your home from moisture leaks.

Final Words

At AK Tiling & Renovations, our Waterproofing Contractors in Melbourne can help you choose the best option according to the needs of the roof of your home or work project, as well as the best advice for its application.