Removing the old coating is a laborious and challenging task, especially in Commercial Tiling in Melbourne. It is difficult not to damage it during dismantling; therefore, almost intricate work is required. We will tell you how to remove the tiles from the walls carefully and what methods you can use.

Dismantling Features

The way to dismantle the tile depends not only on purpose: whether you need to leave the parts intact or not but also on what materials were used in the previous repair.

If a cement-sand mixture was taken as an adhesive, removing the tiles from the wall without damaging it does not work even with specialists, especially when professionals from Tiling Shops in Melbourne do the installation. Most often, a puncher is required to remove from the cement base.

When using tile adhesive, the chance to keep the coating intact is much higher. However, you need to understand that it will still not work to remove all the parts whole. Usually, about 50% of the tiles are damaged.

It is also essential to take into account the material to which the tiles were glued. If we are talking about concrete or brick, then it is easier to dismantle the elements. But if the tile is on a plasterboard base, then the process will become much more complicated. It is worthwhile to be prepared in advance for impressive destruction: sometimes it is impossible to preserve either the tile or the drywall sheet. It will also have to be changed.

Tools and Materials

The choice of tools also depends on the purpose: if you are thinking of removing tiles from the wall so that they remain intact, you will need some tools. The following list lists the few tools that may be required in different cases.

  • Perforator
  • Chisel
  • Mallet and a regular hammer
  • Putty knife
  • Screwdriver:¬†Choose a model with a grip that is more comfortable to hit.
  • Grinder with a nozzle for cleaning seams. This tool is optional but may be needed if the grout is difficult to remove.
  • A container for diluting a soap solution in it
  • Pencil and ruler

Preparatory Stage

Before proceeding with dismantling, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. If you skip this stage, the process will become much more complicated, and it will not work to keep the tile in its entirety.

Cover All Surfaces

If you will remove Commercial Tiling in Melbourne from the bathroom wall, cover everything around correctly. This is especially true for fragile items: toilet, bath, sink. Cover the floor as well. Use plastic wrap, old bedspreads and blankets for this.

Tap the Tiles

Professionals of Commercial Tiling in Melbourne have a way to determine if the coating can be removed from the surface without damaging it. Take a rubber grip tool and tap each tile very gently. This is necessary to understand whether there are voids under the covering. If there are many, then it is worth working carefully to preserve the details: the chances are more significant.

Final Words

Thus, experts determine which element to start dismantling from: they choose the one under more voids. It moves away from the wall much easier.